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Urethane Liquid Plastic

  • Smooth-Cast® ROTO - "Gel-cure" white resin for rotocasting

  • Smooth-Cast® 385 - Very rigid, mineral filled resin

  • Smooth-Cast® ONYX - Ultra-Black urethane resin

  • Smooth-Cast® 45D, 60D and 61D - Semi-rigid impact resistant resins

  • Crystal Clear® Series - Optically clear UV resistant casting resins

  • TASK® Series - Performance casting resins for a world of applications

  • C-1508® - Aluminum filled rigid liquid plastic

  • C-1509® - Semi-rigid resin for high-impact applications. FDA approved for dry food contact

  • C-1515® and C-1520™ - Semi-rigid durable fast-setting resins

  • Feather Lite® - Lightweight resin - it floats in water!

  • SMASH!® Plastic - Water clear breakaway glass

  • Shell Shock® Brushable Plastic - Self thickening brushable plastic


Urethane Plastic Accessories

  • Metal Powders - To create cold cast pieces that look like real metal

  • Cast MagicTM Powders - Create amazing casting effects quickly and easily

  • Ure-Fil® Fillers - Create special casting effects and alter the properties of casting resin

  • SO-CURE® Cure Accelerator - To decrease the cure time of urethane resins

  • Ignite® Fluorescent Pigments - Fluorescent pigment for plastic, urethane rubber and foam

  • Cryptolyte® - UV Glow Additive for Urethanes and Silicones

  • XTEND-IT® - Dry gas blanket to prolong the shelf life of urethane mold plastic

  • Sun Devil® - UV resistant additive.